Promoting resilience and equity in the Madison area by supporting the continuation and creation of cooperative housing

The Madison Area Cooperative Housing Alliance (MACHA) was founded in early 2018 by a group of individuals brought together by their years of cooperative living experience and their desire to support and expand cooperative housing in the Madison area. MACHA is completely volunteer-run and our services and resources are free!

Read about MACHA and Madison's newest housing co-op, Perennial, in the 6/14/2018 Isthmus article Affordable Ownership: New Group Wants to Help Others Form Housing Co-ops

MACHA's three main areas of action are:

1) Education and Outreach: Providing education and information to neighborhoods and the greater Madison community

2) Development: Encouraging the creation of new housing co-ops by helping to secure funding and financing, monitoring the real estate market, and providing resources

3) Municipal Process: Working with municipalities to update building codes and zoning to facilitate cooperative housing development

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