Team Members

Abby Davidson (Board Member) is a longtime advocate of cooperative housing, and lived at Lothlorien Co-op for two years. She is a structural engineer at Qualtim who holds degrees from UW-Madison and Madison College. an all-weather bike commuter, and aerial dancer. She currently serves on the board of Freewheel Bicycle Collective and Sunny Side Development, and represents the Bay Creek Neighborhood on the SSM Redevelopment Steering Committee.

Brel Hutton-Okpalaeke (Secretary) is a member of Audre Lorde Cooperative House in MCC, has been MCC’s Maintenance Coordinator since 2015, and has been a member of MCC since 2014. Brel serves as the Treasurer for NASCO Development Services, and NASCO Properties, both organizations dedicated to the expansion of the housing cooperative movement nationally, and serves on the NASCO Education Board of Directors. Brel also serves as Treasurer and shop director of the local nonprofit Freewheel Community Bicycle Shop, and is in the process of reincorporating it’s funding structure into a worker-owned coop. Brel has provided technical assistance to coops throughout North America and looks forward to any and all opportunities to expand the cooperative movement.


Casey Sweeney (Board Member) is a proud co-op resident and advocate since 2014. When not indoors in a co-op, Casey enjoys exploring green spaces near and far by non-motorized means.


Gabrielle Hinahara (President) lived at Ambrosia Co-op for 3 years before helping to create Perennial Co-op (Madison’s newest housing co-op!) in 2016, where she currently lives. She is excited to use her experience to help others create new cooperative housing! Gabrielle is the director of the Middleton Youth Center, a free after school and summer program for middle school students, and serves on the BLW Neighborhood Center’s Steering Committee. She also loves backpacking, gardening, and dancing.


Glyphia Lewis (Board Member) has lived in housing co-ops since 2005 and served as MCC president for 2.5 years. Cooperative living has been a rich and educational experience for her and her seven-year-old daughter who was born in a co-op. She values the variety of cooperative housing currently available and would like to see more cooperatives created to meet the rising demand for democratically controlled, affordable housing.


Nate Hinahara (Board Member) lived at Ambrosia Co-op for 4 years before helping to create Perennial Co-op (Madison’s newest housing co-op!) in 2016, where he currently lives. Nate also loves backpacking, gardening, soccer, and working with middle school students in the after school program that he runs at the Bridge Lakepoint Waunona Neighborhood Center.

Paul Schechter (Board Member) is a triple bottom line real estate developer who has been involved in numerous socially responsible housing and business initiatives since 2005. In 2010 he developed and co-founded HAUS Project, which is the first cooperative housing establishment in Houston. More recently, he started the nonprofit Sunny Side Development whose mission is to create affordable, sustainable housing in Wisconsin.


Steve Vig (Treasurer)  is a resident of Hypatia Cooperative, and a member of Madison Community Cooperative, where he has served on MCC’s Board of Directors and worked as both Finance Officer and Membership Officer. He has served on the boards of two other cooperatives and the Tenant Resource Center, where he trained as a Housing Counselor, gaining experience in the practical application of fair housing law. He works as the Office Coordinator for Porchlight Inc, Dane County’s largest provider of low-cost housing and services for homeless people.