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City of Madison Zoning Amendments
to Support Cooperative Housing!

MACHA was recently featured in Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway's blog! Here is an exerpt:


Co-ops are one type of housing that can help create more “missing middle” housing in Madison. The “missing middle” refers to types of smaller multifamily options that the City is working to support through more flexible zoning.

The zoning updates currently under consideration aim to do a few things:

  1. Permit co-ops in more zoning districts so they are allowed across the city, and in every district where residential use is allowed.

  2. Establish occupancy limits for co-ops in low-density residential neighborhoods (single-family homes), to ensure compatibility with surrounding land uses.

  3. Create more equitable rules around zoning permit processes as they relates to total occupancy between co-ops and other multi-family buildings.

  4. Recognize that double occupancy of co-op rooms is possible and likely, given couples and children do live in some housing cooperatives. Some co-ops include private living quarters for families, separated from common areas.

  5. Clean up and re-organize the language of the existing regulations, which were hard to follow.

If you’re interested in learning more or sharing your thoughts on the updates to the zoning code for co-ops, the proposal will be on the Plan Commission agenda on January 25, and is expected to return to the Common Council for final action on February 2.

For the full blog post, check out: