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Why join MACHA?

Our strength is amplified with collective action, and you can help make a difference with MACHA right now! We're looking for 2-3 new cooperators to champion our work in each of the following areas:

Education - Wish you could tell the whole world about co-ops? So do we! Join us in educating the public about the nuts and bolts of housing cooperatives. 

Development - Excited about using your experience in co-ops to help others starting out? We do this every day, and there are several projects in Madison gearing up at this moment. 

Municipal - Would you like to see greater recognition of housing cooperatives in city ordinances? You can be on the front lines of the movement.

And our newest initiative...

MACHA's Worker Cooperative - Do you dream of developing a cooperative business, and becoming one of its founding members? We've received a $10,000 grant to support this new initiative to support all Madison housing cooperatives.

Are you in?

Yes, I'd like to join MACHA!

Thanks for submitting!

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